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Policies & Information

Returns/Exchanges | Shipping | Address Changes | Lost/Stolen packages

Seconds and Flawed Pins are not eligible for exchange or returns. Standard Grade items will be considered on a case by case basis, with communication (including photographs) being exchanged exclusively via:


Please note, exchanges are limited to pin availability. If the item is out of stock, no credits towards future pins will be offered.

Returns are NOT guaranteed and will also only be considered on Standard Grade pins on a case by case basis. If a return is accepted, the purchaser is responsible for the return shipping.

***If you would like your Standard Grade pin to be considered for exchange or return, all communication (including photographs of the issue) must be sent via email to MadameLeeota@outlook.com within 48 hours of the items tracking number indicating it has been delivered***

Shipping cost is based on weight.

Items will be shipped within 3-5 business days of the original purchase date. Often, sooner.

International customers can leverage sites like: https://www.stackry.com/en | many in the pin community have great things to say about their experiences with this service!

Address changes are not accepted & the customer is responsible for inputting correct/accurate information upon checkout. Drop buddies are considered the purchaser & the item/items purchased will be sent to the address submitted at the time of check out.

If a package has been scanned and is in the custody of the postal service the customer selected at check out on Shopify, any issues are no longer the responsibility of this shop. 

If an item states it is delivered, no replacement will be sent/provided & no refunds/credits will be given.

All available shipping providers have processes available on their respective websites to support customers with package/delivery issues.


LE & Pricing Information

At this time, to ensure I am able to provide excellent customer service to any/all interested parties, my product releases will be limited edition 30 pieces maximum. Limited Edition means that no more than 30 pieces of that particular design (as it stands), will ever be sold & once sold out, there will be no restock. A variant could be made in the future, which would in turn have it's own LE.

Variants &/or miniatures (if any were to be released) could differ in amount (w/any miniatures being an open edition product). Open Edition means that there is no limit on the amount of that design that could/will be released.

Pricing will vary per pin based on multiple factors including (but not limited to) size, effects, design, add-on's etc. Seconds pins will always be $2 less than Standards grade versions.

Being Sustainable & Giving Back

♻️ In an effort to be sustainable, the packaging for all of my items will be recycled, recyclable, compostable or reusable. This includes: backer cards, bubble mailers & wrapping.

I also strongly encourage the repurposing of all supplies used to ship your items. ♻️ 

Portions of profits from the first item/unit sold of all drops will go directly towards a charitable organization. The organization selected will be directly correlated to the theme of the item. Details will be shared via my Instagram page.


Standard: In a Standard Grade, typically any/all slight flaws will only be visible when held at an angle & will be unnoticeable when held from an arm's length in normal lighting. No flaws such as: missing enamel, deep scratches, misprinting or miscoloring will be sold as, Standard Grade. These pins will be the, "best of the batch". Common & acceptable flaws in a Standard Grade pin could be: very small pin pricks, small specks from screen printing, slight surface scratches from the polishing process, small imperfections in the plating etc.

Seconds: Seconds grade pins will have minor flaws that will not take away from the overall beauty or enjoyment of the pins. Flaws may include all items listed above (typically in greater quantity) in addition to: light scratches, scruffs, specks, pinpricks &/or (enamel) bubbles, other enamel issues (possibly missing in very small spaces on the pin or incorrect color placement), slight screen printing issues, plating issues (including minimally missing plating, scuffed plating) etc. Typically these issues cannot be seen when held at an arm’s length in normal lighting &/or when on display. Seconds- will have more/greater quantity, more visible flaws listed in the seconds description.

Flawed: Flawed pins will not be for sale. These pins (while still enjoyable for collectors) will be held & at times traded (w/priority to fellow creators &/or artists) or converted into flawed magnets. Flawed pins include those with extreme defects such as large places of missing enamel, multiple deep scratches, scuffs, unusable posts, etc. they will be marked with a red “X” on the back.

PLEASE NOTE: enamel pins are handmade products & no item will be perfect. Pin backs are NOT considered in the grading process (unless there is a missing post - those pins will be considered, flawed).

Seconds, Seconds- & Flawed pins cannot be exchanged or returned.

Standard Grade pins will be considered for exchange on a case by case basis thru photos & communications exclusively thru email via: MADAMALEEOTA@OUTLOOK.COM

Communication Policy

Please note: My shop runs on customer obsession. I value your time, support, business & investment. If any issues arise, email me at: madameleeota@outlook.com - I will do my very best to accomodate you.

I ask that ALL communication be respectful & kind - I will always respect you as people & customers, but will NOT tolerate uncivil behavior in this space. Any aggressive communication can &/or will lead to a ban from future purchases, site access & Instagram access. It could also lead to any current orders being cancelled & refunded.

Additional Warnings & Disclosure

** WARNING: pin backings are sharp & rubber clutches could be a choking hazard - these pins are not recommended for children 5 years old & under  

All products released in this shop are fantasy items, born of fan created art. Fantasy items/pins are not tradable in any theme park or store - nor are they endorsed by any brand, company, organization &/or franchise that their inspiration &/or likeness may be reminiscent of. All pieces are original fantasy art & unique to this shop, with each concept derived from many sources in order to create a one of a kind product for collectors.

This shop is not liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special &/or consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of these pins/items.