Purchasing & Trading/Reselling Information

All pins will be released one at a time. On rare occasions, bundles/sets will be released as “one” item. Drop dates & further information can be found via my Instagram Page: @madameleeota


All items released will be in hand & ready to ship. At this time, Madame Leeota's will not be releasing any presales.


At this time, I respectfully ask that you not purchase more than 3 units of any 1 item.


I will gladly repost any, “For Trade” &/or “In Search of” Instagram Stories. I will only share, “For Sale” items that are both out of stock in my shop & not listed at an unreasonable markup. That being said, no “auction/best offer” type stories/posts will be reshared on my shop’s Instagram page. Feel free to leverage shop page photos for, “in search of” posts. I ask that you only use your own photographs when listing an item from my shop as for trade or sale.