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Flawed Enamel Pin Magnets

Flawed Enamel Pin Magnets

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This is a flawed pin transformed into a magnet by yours truly. The backs are never considered in grading BUT I BEG OF YOU DON’T JUDGE IT! It’s my first time & I did my best. Please know despite endless sanding with a fancy little machine I don’t feel 100% confident that the pin backs (after removal) are COMPLETELY smooth. Please be cautious & safe. I am not liable for injury.


Also note that flaws include but are not limited to:

missing enamel

chipped enamel

spilled enamel

wrong enamel

scratched/dented/missing plating

spots (particularly black spots)

poor enamel mixture

misprinted screen print

scratched/scraped/dented screenprint


these are flawed please do not expect a standard or seconds grade quality grading in these items. They are F-L-A-W-E-D honeyyyyy


All proceeds will be donated to an organization that will plant trees in needed parts across the globe 🌲 

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Meticulously Hand Crafted

Each and every pin is hand crafted, while each enamel color is individually baked into the mold.