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Madame Leeota's

Presale Dark Glow Jenny Variant

Presale Dark Glow Jenny Variant

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2 inches in height

silver metal

limited edition 30 units

glow in the dark green ribbon

custom backstamp

Finished product will come neatly, safely & beautifully packaged

This purchase goes directly towards the funding of production and is non refundable. Wait time could be upwards of 6 months, but is expected sooner. 2d art & final product may vary due to color selections & design choices while in production - all design decisions will be made to ensure the best possible product is created.  Communication will be regularly shared via Instagram (@madameleeota).

Presale packages will come w/extras, for your time, trust & investment! 


*Best of the batch will go in sequence in which orders were received *


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About Woeful Witch

Enamel Colors Used:

Periwinkle, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Teal, Red, Pink, White & Black

Materials & Size

This hard enamel gold plated pin measures 2" x 2" and 1.5mm thick. Pin is secured with rubber back pin closure thingies. 

Style Grading

Standard: In a Standard Grade, typically any/all slight flaws will only be visible when held at an angle & will be unnoticeable when held from an arm's length in normal lighting. No flaws such as: missing enamel, deep scratches, misprinting or miscoloring will be sold as, Standard Grade. These pins will be the, "best of the batch". Common & acceptable flaws in a Standard Grade pin could be: very small pin pricks, small specks from screen printing, slight surface scratches from the polishing process, etc.


Seconds: Seconds grade pins will have minor flaws that will not take away from the overall beauty or enjoyment of the pins. Flaws may include all items listed above (typically in greater quantity) in addition to: light scratches, scruffs, specks, pinpricks &/or (enamel) bubbles, slight screen printing issues, etc.


Flawed: Flawed pins will not be for sale. These pins (while still enjoyable for collectors) will be held & at times traded (w/priority to fellow creators &/or artists).


PLEASE NOTE: enamel pins are handmade products & no item will be perfect. Pin backs are NOT considered in the grading process (unless there is a missing or dysfunctional post - those pins will be considered, flawed).


Seconds & Flawed pins cannot be exchanged or returned. Standard Grade pins will be considered for exchange on a case by case basis thru photos & communications exclusively thru email via: MADAMALEEOTA@OUTLOOK.COM

Meticulously Hand Crafted

Each and every pin is hand crafted, while each enamel color is inIdividually baked into the mold.