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The Piggies Enamel Pin

The Piggies Enamel Pin

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Pick a Piggy

  • Two inches in height
  • silver metal plating 
  • custom backstamp
  • recessed metal effects in Other Mother’s hand & as an accent in the hair clip
  • hard enamel
  • limited edition 30 units
  • all shipments will be lovingly wrapped in individualized packages w/details that will be reminiscent of the book & film
  • BE CAUTIOUS WHEN UNPACKING THIS PRODUCT! A sewing pin is part of the packaging! While they will be shipped w/corking covering the tip, it could shake loose in transit. They are sharp. Remove w/caution. Please avoid injury and proceed cautiously!

Due to a factory issue, these pins are thinner than intended & therefore this design is being offered at a lower price point - while not a defect, this level of thickness is not my preference & are in turn priced accordingly to reflect that. 

All units here will be $10 & could include any flaws listed in standards or seconds descriptions. These will be shipped out w/the best of the batch going in the order of purchases. No severely flawed pins will be sold & may be converted to magnets at a later date. 

Due to the above listed issue & dissatisfaction w/their overall quality on the last two shipments - my shop will be working w/a new factory moving forward - this design & the Dark/Glow Jenny variant are the last items from the current manufacturer.


** WARNING: pin backings are sharp & rubber clutches could be a choking hazard - these pins are not recommended for children 5 years old & under  

This item is a fantasy pin derived from fan created art. Fantasy pins are not tradable in any theme park or store.

This shop is not liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special &/or consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of these pins/items. 



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Meticulously Hand Crafted

Each and every pin is hand crafted, while each enamel color is individually baked into the mold.

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